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WPCYO - Playoff Tie Breaker

Playoff - Tie Breaker Rules 

1.     If 2 Teams are tied with the same number of Wins and Losses:

  • The results of the regular season game(s) against each other are considered.(ie.head-to-head comparison.)

  • The team with the greatest number of Wins against the other tied team gets the higher standing.

  • Two teams that have an equal number of Wins against each other may play a pre-playoff game to break the tie, if both sides agree.

  • If a pre-playoff game cannot be played due to gym constraints, timing., etc. the County Commissioner will flip a coin to break the tie.

2.    If more than 2 Teams are tied with the same number of Wins and Losses:

  • The results of all the regular season games between the tied teams are considered (head-to-head comparison).

  • Tied teams are ranked based on the Win/Loss ratio for all the games played between the tied teams. The larger the ratio, the higher the Standing. For example, consider Teams A,B and C who all have the same number of Wins and Losses in their Division;  A played B twice and split, B played C twice and split and A played C once and Won.The Win/Loss ratios for A = 2/1, B=2/2, and C=1/2.In this example, A would receive the higher Standing, B comes next and C last.  Note, not all the teams in a tie situation may have played each other an equal number of times, but that does not matter.The total Win/Loss ratio with the other teams in the tie is used.

  • If 2 or more teams have equal Win/Loss ratios for all the games played between them, there is no time to play multiple pre-playoff games to determine standings. The County Commissioners will resolve the tie with random and fair methods. 

3.  Other Playoff Standing questions

  • Center Teams are not eligible for Playoffs, but  game results with Center Teams do count in the Standings 

  • Games may be forfeited if all possible options for a makeup game have been exhausted. The reported Loss of the forfeiting team, and Win for the opponent, does count in the Standings.

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