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Welcome to the 2021 Upstate Cross Country Season

2021 protocols as of 9/17/2021



  • Team Coaches: 




Step 1)

Coaches will be required to register on the CYO website COACH REGISTRATION HERE
All coaches in a program associated with the team should register on the website. however, only one coach needs to complete step two below.

Step 2)

Coaches will enter their boys roster and girls team roster on the CYO website. 

ROSTER FORMS: Once you have registered as a coach on the CYO website in step one, you now have access to complete the Team Roster Form for your BOYS Team and a roster for your GIRLS Team. 

Instructions Available Here

What is an unattached runner? an unnattched runner is 1) a runner that their parish or school does not have a team or 2) does not enter team into the CYO meets. If you woul dlike to participate in CYO meets, but do not identify with a team you are welcome to participate. 

must pre-register and pay for the season at the time of registration online. CYO Unattached Athletes. No unattached athlete will be permitted to participate until the parent/guardian has registered using the online process. Your season rate has been discounted and you will receive a t-shirt. no refunds will be given. The Unattached athletes will be lead by the CYONY Club Coach Stefan Anikewich on day of meets ONLY. Once registered, you will be contacted by Coach Anikewich. 

  • All Course distances at Van Cortlandt Park Meets will be:
                400 Meters for grades K – 2
                1500 Meters for grades 3 – 5
                2000 Meters for grades 6 – 8

Tentative 2021 Meet Schedule: 




click on link below for results

click on link below for directions

Time (grades)
times subject to change

1 Sunday 9/19

CYO Meet 1


St Augustine - Ossining, NY

(K-2) Division time TBA
(3-5) Division time TBA
(6-8) Division time TBA




CYO Meet 2

St Augustine - Ossining, NY

(K-2) Division time TBA
(3-5) Division time TBA
(6-8) Division time TBA




CYO Meet 3

St Augustine - Ossining, NY

(K-2) Division time TBA
(3-5) Division time TBA
(6-8) Division time TBA

Sunday 10/17

CYO Meet 4

St Augustine - Ossining, NY

(K-2) Division time TBA
(3-5) Division time TBA
(6-8) Division time TBA

5 Sunday 10/24

CYO Meet 5 - County Championship

St Augustine - Ossining, NY

(K-2) Division time TBA
(3-5) Division time TBA
(6-8) Division time TBA

6 Sunday 11/7 CYO Meet 6 - Arch Championship TBD TBD
7 Sunday 11/14 CYO Meet 7 St Augustine - Ossining, NY raindate/backup

*Please note, schedule subject to change, and always check with your program administrator leading up to each meet.

Meet Specifics

  • Eligibility: open to all upstate/downstate CYO Youth and/or Teams only representing school or Parish in grades K-8. Club teams allowed by invitation only and upon submission of team entry packet.
  • Event Maximum: Athletes are allowed to participate in one race.
  • Registration/Packet Pickups:
    • All registered team packets will be picked up by the Team Coach or designated team representative ONLY. The Coach will pick up packet and pay (cash or check- payable to “CYONY” only). We do not accept debit or credit cards. The coach will distribute labels to athletes on his/her team. These labels shall be worn to clerking and competition.
    • All registered unattached athletes (not team affiliated) or “walk-in” unregistered unattached athletes can go to the registration table upon arrival.
    • Packets should be picked up by the Catholic High School Finish-Line across the field from the “Tortoise and the Hare” Statue on Broadway.


  • Cost/athlete$7 per athlete per meet (ONLY check or creditcard, payable to CYONY). Each participant, whether team or unattached, needs to pay a one-time Cross Country season fee of $10 to CYO. CYO teams can run a tab and be invoiced by CYONY. CYO Unnattached athletes must PRE-REGISTER HERE.
  • Clerking: Please make yourself and athletes aware of order of races. Athletes are to meet at the starting line 15 minutes before their race. WE WILL NOT HOLD RACES AND MAY RUN AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY AND READY TO RUN.
  • Competition/Grouping: Races will be run together by gender, but scored separately in the following grade groupings: K-2, 3-5, 6-8. Scoring will be separated in proper age group in final results.
  • Scoring/Medals: Though a developmental meet, we will tabulate team scoring based on the places of a team’s top 5 finishers. Results will be tabulated and awards distributed as quickly as possible at the END of the meet. Medals will be awarded to the top five in each event based on grade and gender grouping. All non-medalists and participants in grades K-2 will receive ribbons. Team medal packets can be picked up by coach only. Unattached athlete can pick up at medal table at END of meet. There will be a line for team coaches and a lane for unattached athletes.
  • Results: Posted online at
  • Tentative Order of Events:
  • CYO Race 2nd Grade and under: 400 Meters (Finish line moved to HS Finish Line).
  • CYO Race Grades 3-5: (1500 Meter Hill loop)
  • CYO race Grades 6-8: (2000 Meter)
  • Other Notes/Miscellaneous:
  • Please assure that athletes are properly and sufficiently trained and hydrated to compete in the event you have placed them in and have adequate adult supervision during meet.
  • We ask that you be aware of Van Cortlandt Park rules and act in accordance with those rules including, but not limited to:
    • No barbecuing or grills of any kind
    • No pin-down tents
  • Each team keeps their area clean of trash and when the meet is over all belongings are taken home and garbage is disposed of. These facilities are lent to us, free of cost and we need to keep clean.
  • Coaches and athletes PLEASE stay away from the timing and medals/results table during meet.
  • All officials are volunteers from various areas and of various ages. Please remind those associated with your teams that they deserve respect and patience. If a question results from an event please have the head coach address the concern to the meet director or meet referee.  AND THEN PLEASE ACCEPT THE FINAL DECISION! REMEMBER MISTAKES HAPPEN………EVEN IN THE REEBOK MANHATTAN XC INVITATIONAL AND THE OLYMPICS.
  • Volunteers who wish to help will be accepted on the day of the meet. We expect one volunteer per team attending.
  • Most importantly, remind everyone to please remember why we are here: all should enjoy themselves. Please no un-sportsman like conduct, be they remarks, conduct or salutations.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact volunteer CYO Track & Field Director, Stefan Anikewich at    or (914)819-3684