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The Gold Medal Award is granted annually to a person
who has provided inspiration and leadership for the youth of New York City.


2019 John R. Buran
2018 Martin L. Edelman
2017 George Pyne
2016 Christopher F. Gallagher
2015 Ray Quartararo
2014 Tim Rooney, Sr.
2013 Timothy J. Brosnan
2012 Alfred F. Kelly, Jr.
2011 Frank J. Bisignano
         Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan
2010 Roger Staubach
2009 Louis J. Cappelli
2008 John K. Mara
2007 Henry J. Humphreys
2006 John D. Wren
2005 Howard P. Milstein
2004 William A. McKenna, Jr.
2003 Wellington T. Mara
2002 The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg
2001 Archbishop Edward M. Egan
2000 Robert J. McGuire
1999 Richard Schmeelk
1998 William J. Flynn
1997 John T. Sharkey
1996 John J. Sweeney
1995 John M. Callagy
1994 Alfred E. Smith, IV
1993 Thomas C. Coleman
1991 Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher
1990 Honorable William E. Simon
1989 General Alexander M. Haig, Jr.
1988 Thomas W. Gleason, Sr.
1987 Lewis E. Lehrman
1986 Mary Jane and William Voute
1985 Thomas M. Macioce
1984 John Cardinal O’Connor
1983 John J. Phelan, Jr.
1982 Ambassador Philip Habib
1981 T. Vincent Learson
1980 William M. Ellinghaus
1979 George Meaney
1978 Joseph C. Nugent
1977 Senor Edson Arantes Nascimento
1976 Joseph P. Brennan
1975 Mrs. Amedeo Giordano
1974 Harold A. Stevens
1973 Joseph C. Brennan
1972 Honorable Bowie Kuhn
1971 Vincent Astor
1970 Ed Sullivan
1969 Col. Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.
         Col. Michael Collins
1968 Terence Cardinal Cooke
          Neil A. Armstrong
1967 Lt. Col. James A. McDivitt
1966 Jimmy Durante
1965 Perry Como
1964 Bob Hope
1963 Gen. Alfred M. Gruenther
1962 James A. Farley
1961 Lt. Gen Edward J. O’Neil
1960 William J. Stroutenburgh
1959 Stephen P. Kennedy
1958 Mrs. Charles E. Ridder
1957 Thomas E. Murray
1956 John A. Coleman
1955 Frank M. Folsom
1954 J. Peter Grace, Jr.
1953 Mrs. Joseph P. Kennedy
1952 J. Willard Hayden
1951 Arthur J. Morris
1950 Victor F. Ridder
1949 Amory Houghton
1948 Daniel Paul Higgins
1947 Bro. Charles Austin, F.S. C.
1946 Chester W. Nimitz, U.S.N.
1945 J. Edgar Hoover
1944 Francis Cardinal Spellman
1943 Rt. Rev. Msgr. E. Roberts Moore
1942 Charles Hayden
1941 Albert B. Hines
1940 John J. Falahee
1939 John S. Burke
1938 Paul T. Krammerer, Jr.
1937 William Edwin Hall
         Harold J. Brown
1936 Joseph P. Grace
         Ellery O. Anderson


A sample of our programs being supported

CYO Cross Country

CYO Basketball


CYO Track & Field


"This Enterprise of Sport"















































The John V. Mara Sportsman of the Year Award is given to individuals
who have exhibited exceptional sportsmanship throughout their careers.


2019 Harry Carson
2018 Mike Richter
2017 Ben McAdoo
2016 Hannah Storm
2015 Chris Mullin
2014 Len Elmore
2013 Rod Gilbert
2012 Justin Tuck
2011 Brian M. Cashman
2010 Eli Manning
2009 Rex Ryan
2008 Ernie Accorsi
2007 Antonio Pierce
2006 Tiki Barber
2005 Daniel J. “Rusty” Staub
2004 Al Leiter
2003 Chris Godfrey
2002 Dick Lynch
2001 John Franco
2000 Mike Jarvis
1999 George Steinbrenner
         & NY Yankees
1998 Joe Torre
1997 Lou Holtz
1996 Joe Garagiola
1995 Tommy LaSorda
1994 Dave Reeves
1993 Don Shula
1991 J. Frank Cashen
1990 Arthur Ashe, Jr.
1989 Chi Chi Rodriquez
1988 Gary Carter
1987 Julius (Dr. J) Erving
1986 George Martin
         & Phil Simms
1985 Peter Uberroth
1984 Louis Carnesecca
1983 Phil Rizzuto
1982 Bryan Trottier
1981 Tommy John
1980 Herb Brooks
1979 Carl Yastrezemski
1978 Steve Cauthen
1977 Dave (Sonny) Werblin
1976 Dave DeBusschere
1975 Tom Seaver
1974 William A. Shea
1973 Weeb Ewbank
1972 William F. Fugazy
1971 Arthrur J. Rooney
1970 Pete Rozelle
1969 Gil Hodges
1968 Vincent Lombardi
1967 Gene Tunney
         & Jack Dempsey
1966 Casey Stengel
1965 Allie Sherman
1964 Yogi Berra
1963 Frank Gifford


 “You may not know it now, but five, 10, 20 years from now, many of those young people currently in the CYO programs will thank you for making a difference in their lives."

Harry Carson - 2019 CYO Sportsman of the year
NY Giant and NFL Hall of Famer


“You are affecting peoples’ lives in profound ways and it stays with you forever. I know so much I learned and I applied to my athletic career as a goalie and certainly in my life, I learned in my early years through the CYO.” 

 Mike Richter - 2018 CYO Sportsman of the Year
 1994 Stanley Cup champion - New York Rangers


".....And that’s where it all started for me. And it’s incredible how CYO inspired me and gave me so many values that I use today.”

Chris Mullin - 2015 CYO Sportsman of the Year
NBA HAll of Fame and NYC basketball legend







































The Terence Cardinal Cooke Humanitarian Award is given
to those who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to youth


2018 Mark D’Urso
2017 Caron Butler
2016 Daniel J. “Rusty” Staub
2015 Jeanne Mulgrav
2014 Frank Rooney
2013 Haeda Mihaltes
2012 Alec J. McAuley
         Joseph Panepinto
2011 Mary Higgins Clark
2010 Christopher F. Gallagher
2009 Tim Cohane and Dan Doyle
2007 Dr. Karl P. Adler
2006 Hon. Raymond W. Kelly
2005 Margaret F. Grace
         & the Grace Family
2004 The Thomas P. Dobbins Family
2003 Sister Mary Rose McGeady, D.C.
2002 Bishop Patrick J. Sheridan
2001 Raymond V. O’Brien, Jr.
2000 John T. Ryan
1997 Timothy J. Rooney
1996 Thomas G. Larkin
         & Denis J. Sullivan
1994 James V. Hallisey, Esq.
1991 Maceo A. Thomas, Jr.
1990 Rev. Msgr. James J. Murray
1989 Leonard Formato, Jr.
1988 Martin F. Shea
1987 Henry J. Humphreys
1986 Joseph C. Maher
1985 Msgr. Harold S. Engel
         & Garrett J. Cronin
1984 William E. Hill
         & Joseph L. Hopkins



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